Why Bangladesh doesn’t learn from mistakes?

Wellington test made everyone astonished. How a team can lose the match after scoring 595 in the first innings, Bangladesh showed that very well and broke the oldest test cricket record as well after losing the match. In Christchurch, people were not amazed because it is just like a regular incident to Bangladesh cricket team. After playing splendid in the first innings, the batting lineup collapsed in the 2nd innings, and this is the usual scenario of Bangladesh cricket no a days.

They came to New Zealand to prove the cricket world that they can also play very well overseas also. But they are failed to show their best performance. Bangladesh lost each match against Black Caps. In Christchurch Bangladeshi players tried to play good cricket. They scored not a lot, but 289 runs were not that bad total for them.

New Zealand batsmen were trying to get some leads in the first innings of the first day. But it was looking so terrible for them on the 2nd day. They lost a lot of wickets in the 1st innings. Shakib Al Hasan’s last 14 balls magic was outstanding. He took three wickets in 14 balls. Millions of people of Bangladesh were hoping to get at least one victory against New Zealand.

The 3rd day of the last test match was called off because of unstoppable rain. In the fourth day, the game was started 23 minutes before the previous time. Bangladeshi bowlers were trying heart and soul to get all wickets of New Zealand, but they stopped after having a lead of 65 runs. Nurul Hasan’s unbelievable dismissal ended Black Caps innings. After that, the chapter of Bangladesh’s 2nd innings opened and also completed within a few hours.

New Zealand bowlers picked up all wickets of Bangladesh within 173 runs, and they got a target of 111 runs. New Zealand batsmen achieve the target by losing only one wicket and also gave Bangladesh something to learn from them. Still, Bangladesh doesn’t know how to play test cricket. They will have to pass a long way to be mature for test cricket. New Zealand series will be staying as a learning lesson for Bangladesh cricket team.

Match Summary

Bangladesh 1st Innings: 289/10

New Zealand 1st Innings: 354/10

Bangladesh 2nd Innings: 173/10

New Zealand 2nd Innings: 111/1

Result: New Zealand defeated Bangladesh by nine wickets