Why Bangladesh vs India match is the talk of the town?

Right now Bangladesh cricket team is enjoying their time in India. They are staying in Hyderabad to play the traditional test cricket match against India. Bangladeshi cricket fans are getting excited day by day. The date of the game is not so far. The test match will be beginning from 9th of February.

Bangladesh team already played their only practice match against India A team. On that game, players of Bangladesh cricket team couldn’t play as they were thinking to play. The day after tomorrow the challenge will be beginning. Both teams are preparing themselves to show their best performance.

Not only this match but also every match between India and Bangladesh is so much important and challenging for both nation’s cricket fans. The match between India is very much challenging to Bangladeshi crazy cricket fans.

Bangladesh’s recent performance is not the only reason for this excitement. Some off-field issues and incidents also made this kind of situation, and it is going on yet. Still, both countries are taking each other as a big challenge. Let’s have a look at recent hot issues and reasons why Bangladesh vs. India match is full of excitement to both countries.

1. Worldcup 2015: In the Worldcup 2015 Bangladesh played some excellent game, and they started their mission from that particular tournament. Bangladesh never played so well before in a tournament like that Worldcup.

Bangladesh defeated England team and knocked them out from the Worldcup. After that, they lost against India. On that match, Bangladesh played very well, and most of the decisions of umpires went against Bangladesh. Only for that reason, Bangladesh couldn’t win the game.

2.Worldcup price giving ceremony: While giving the prize to the winner of the Worldcup 2015, ICC made another mistake. On that time N.Srinivasan was the head of ICC, and he didn’t invite the vice president of ICC Mostafa Kamal but by the substitution of International Cricket Council, vice president is the chief guest to give the champion trophy by his hand. After getting insulted Mostafa Kamal resigned from ICC.

3.Bangladeshi Media: After Worldcup India came to Bangladesh to play a tournament. On that big series, Bangladesh became the series winner and took the revenge of Worldcup after that one of the greatest Bangladeshi newspapers showed some offensive picture of Indian cricket team players. It published some edited bald photos of Indian players to make fun of them. But Indian media didn’t take that nicely.

4.Social Media: In the last Asia Cup final Bangladesh played the final against India after defeating Pakistan. Just a day before of that match, one photo of Bangladeshi player Taskin Ahmed went viral. Bangladeshi cricket fans edited that picture. On that edited photo, Taskin was roaring by holdingMahendraa Singh Dhoni’s head. That picture made Indian cricket fans crazy.

All of those incidents are the main reason which makes Bangladesh vs. India matches more challenging and full of excitement to their cricket fans.