Bangladesh’s decision made Ravi Shastri disappointed

Finally, International Cricket Council (ICC) have moved from their “Big-Three” rules. That means three big teams India, Australia, and England will not get the highest priority from ICC anymore. Because of this valuable decision, all test playing nations will be getting same priority by ICC.

It will be an excellent choice for all test playing country. From the very beginning of “Big-Three” rules India were leading the ICC as they were expecting. But now they are going to be treated as like as other test playing nations. From now, all test playing nations will get an equal amount of test matches to play with each other.

That means how much games team India will get to play, and Zimbabwe will also get the same number of matches. It will apparently be helping all teams. Previously in the financial sector, India got a lot of earnings from ICC, but now Zimbabwe and India will get the same amount as their profit and earnings from ICC.

Indian cricket board entirely not agrees with this decision. Because from now BCCI will not get the largest number of share from ICC.

All countries, except Sri Lankan, stood against this “Big-Three” rule. The majority of test playing nations said no to this “Big-Three” method. The commentator and former Indian all-rounder of India Ravi Shastri became disappointed after hearing this.

Bangladesh cricket board also took their decision against India which made Ravi more shocked. He thinks Bangladesh cricket gained success only because of India.

So how they can stand against India, it was mesmerizing to this Indian living legend. From his point of view, ICC gets 80% of their earnings only because of India.

From 2015 to 2023 India cricket board could earn approximately 29 billion Indian Rupe but now only because of this decision they will get only 17 billion. India will not get 27% of earnings from ICC anymore. Certainly, it is such a huge financial loss for Indian cricket.