India didn’t announce their squad for ICC Champions Trophy

What’s going on with BCCI? Once again they are walking the wrong way and against the ICC. Every time they are doing whatever they want, and this time they are doing the same thing. 25th of April was the last date of announcing the final squad for the Champions Trophy, but India didn’t do that. All countries except India already announced the squad for the tournament. It is a long time since India and ICC had a financial issue. BCCI is still arguing about the matter, and that is the main reason for this late announcement.

Many cricket experts are saying about this matter that, India is expecting a bigger percentage from International Cricket Council. Recently ICC stated that they would divide the percentage of their profit equally among all cricket test cricket playing nations. BCCI is standing against this decision of ICC. They are saying that ICC is getting more profit only because of India. So they are not going take any small percentage from ICC. The conflict between ICC and BCCI is going to the higher level.

Day by day this problem is increasing rapidly. If they don’t solve this issue now, it can be turning into a bigger issue in future. India is one of the largest and strongest cricket-playing nations in all over the world. If they ignore the ICC Champions Trophy 2017, then it will be a huge loss for International Cricket Council.

Many cricket experts are giving the opinion in the social media that, ICC will have to face a lot of financial problems if they continue the tournament without India. But some are also thinking that India is taking a wrong step. In ICC’s constitution, there has a rule that any nation can announce their team squad after the final date and even any team can boycott any big annual tournament.

India is really following that rule or not, it will be clear within a few days. The whole world is waiting for their final decision. And everyone is also hoping that India will never take this sort of decision. Their absence will not attract a lot of cricket lovers in all over the world to watch the tournament.