The new League system is a good news for Bangladesh

What is the future of global cricket structure? ICC is thinking about this matter for a very long time. They are trying to change the structure for the betterment of this modern game. In the last ICC annual meeting, all cricket board’s chief gave their opinion on cricket’s globalization.

On that particular session, most of the cricket boards agreed with ICC. Now their all plans are on the way to see the face of reality. If this change happens in the constitution of International Cricket Council, then all cricket playing nations those who are lagging behind the diplomacy of cricket they will get an excellent chance to increase their value and income as well. All underrated test cricket playing countries will get the same opportunity as like as India, England, and Australia.

Now all top ranked teams are playing bilateral series with each other, but after the change in ICC’s constitution, they will not get any chance like this. The bilateral series will not be happening anymore on that time; teams will have to play cricket league with each other. Without any doubt, it will remove all discrimination from cricket because under-ranked teams will be playing with top-ranked teams by maintaining the rules of ICC.

Seventeen years later of getting test cricket status Bangladesh played first ever test match in India. Before 2017 India didn’t even invite Team Tigers to play any bilateral series in their home ground. This sort of things will never happen in cricket history again. Top nine teams will have to play with each other anyhow. If any cricket board disagrees to play the league, then ICC will take the legal action against that country.

Before this new law of International Cricket Council, all top ranked teams were managing their FTP(Future Tour Plan) as they wanted and their cricket board tried every time to play with nearby countries in the ranking.

Top-ranked teams are always so much perfect for each other to play with and that is the main reason to get a lot of spectator in the stadium. All boards tried to manage their schedule as they wanted to be rich financially.

Things are changing now, ICC will be maintaining every thing that which team will be playing with which country and everything will happen by keeping the rules of the league. Cricket fans are getting rid of unbalance cricket structure. In four years all teams will get a chance to play with each other one by one if league system starts. All teams will get to play at least one home and away series with each other.

How Bangladesh will get benefit from this new league system:

This new league system will increase the match quantity of Bangladesh, and this is a tremendous achievement for team Bangladesh. It will be beneficial on every side for players and board. Board will acquire a huge amount of revenue. Players will get a lot of matches to play, and this will help all players to stay in practice.

If this proposed structure gets approved then in 2019-20 Bangladesh will play against Australia in their home-ground. Team Bangladesh will also visit India, Sri Lanka, England, and Australia to play the away series against them.

By arranging too many home series, Bangladesh Cricket Board will be able to increase their revenue. At the same time if revenue increases, it will be a nice way of developing the cricket of Bangladesh.

Many young players are waiting out there to get in touch of BCB but only because financial problem those players are losing their hope. Now ICC’s this revolutionary step will help them to show their talent and serve their own country by playing good cricket.

Bangladeshi cricketer’s recent performance is taking their team so high that now they can dream to win the next World Cup. If they can show their best performance consistently, then they obviously deserve to be the Champion of next ICC World Cup 2019.