Mushfiqur Rahim cried after hearing team owner’s comment

Mushfiqur Rahim is playing for seventeen years in age-based cricket and for national cricket, it is about twelve years. Isn’t it good enough for a player to get respect from others?

In Mushfiqur Rahim’s carrier he heard a lot of bad and good things about his performance but this time something made him cry. BCB’s one of the most important directors and owner of the BPL team Barishal Bulls Abdul Awal made Mushfiq upset by his weird comment.

No one ever thought that a player like Mushfiqur Rahim will have to hear something like this. Mushfiq might hear this kind of comments for the first time ever. In the last BPL Mushfiq played for the team Barishal Bulls, though he didn’t want to play for that team. Bangladesh Cricket Board requested and forced Mushfiqur Rahim to play for that team. He played as an icon player but he didn’t get that much respect from team’s owners.

On that season Mushfiq’s performance was well enough and up to the mark. He was the top batsman of the team on that season. His average was 37.88 and scored 341 runs by playing 12 matches. After giving his best effort he couldn’t take his team in the semifinal.

It was the main reason behind owner’s disrespectful comments. As a captain, he failed to show his best performance as he did while playing as a captain in the national cricket team. But it can not be any reason to judge his ability.

Abdul Awal didn’t stop after saying this he also blamed Mushfiq for discipline and responsibility. Yesterday he said this sort of unusual things about Mushfiqur Rahim in an interview with a television channel.

Today Mushfiq spoke about it with BPL governing council. Today at afternoon Mushfiq became emotional while talking about this issue in the press conference. Mushfiq couldn’t stop crying so he left the press conference. BPL governing councilor and member secretary Ismail Hayder said about taking a legal action against Abdul Awal.