New Zealand squad can be changed to play against Bangladesh

New Zealand players always stay busy to play international cricket. But in 2016 they were very busy than other teams. Only for that reason, many high profile players may not play against Bangladesh. Though it can be so much risk to take rest in that particular series New Zealand cricket board is thinking something else.

They are focusing on their upcoming tournaments. Recently New Zealand team played with Australia and lost that one-day series without showing any competition. Including Kane Williamson, many high profile cricketers can stay missing while playing with Bangladesh.

Last four months Black Caps had gone through a very busy schedule of international cricket. This time they are thinking to take some rest and to not play in the series against Bangladesh. So it is going to be clear that, New Zealand is not going to play with the full powered team against Bangladesh.

But a lot of big names are waiting to enter in the team, Corey Anderson and Ros Taylor are two of them. Ros Taylor recently came back and waited to get a call in the national team after his eye operation. It can say that the New Zealand squad to play against Bangladesh will be a balanced one.

Already Bangladesh national cricket team is having a conditioning campaign in Australia. They will stay there for ten days. After that, they will go to New Zealand to play a full series with them. This is the first time Bangladesh cricket team is going to New Zealand with to all three formats of cricket.

A long time ago Bangladesh team went to New Zealand but on that time the team combination was not that strong and reliable to win the series but this time full team is confident because of their recent performance and winning ratio. In 2015 and 2016 Bangladesh team gained a lot of confidence to defeat any country by their performance.

Last time when Bangladesh team visited New Zealand that time they didn’t play any T20 match in that particular series. There has no doubt Team Tigers will be playing there as a hot favorite team and they will be playing only to win the match.