Bangladesh is confident to have a nice start

Bangladesh cricket team has got a lot of success in their country, but now they are going to play against New Zealand tomorrow in Christchurch. It will be so much important to Bangladeshi cricket team to show their performance outside of their country.

The expectation of winning is increasing day by day a lot. Bangladesh continuously played very sensible cricket last two years. Only because of this reason the expectation of Bangladeshi people is being increased day by day. Bangladesh will play in New Zealand after a long time. It can be so much challenging for players of Bangladesh cricket team.

All players of Bangladesh have gained a lot of confidence within last few days which will be helping them a lot. They stayed in Australia and had a conditioning camp, and that was a great idea of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).

The coach of Bangladesh cricket team is expecting to have an excellent start.If they can do it, then it will be a great way to gain confidence. The body language of all cricketer is so much impressive to the coach and captain also. They recently played BPL in Bangladesh, and all local icon players were in tremendous form. That is the main reason behind their aggressive body language.

New Zealand tour is so much tough for all cricket playing nations. Weather is one of the main reasons of that. New Zealand cricket team’s captain recently said that it would be so much tough for them to defeat Bangladesh like before. A few years ago it was pretty much easy for them to think about winning against Bangladesh but now Bangladesh cricket is going high. It is so much tough now to win against one of best cricket playing country Bangladesh.

Mustafizur Rahman will be adding extra pressure to the opponent team New Zealand though it is not sure that he will play in the first ODI match or not everything is depending on Mustafizur. Coach and captain are waiting for his decision. He will play or not this totally up to him. If he feels good, then he will be playing against New Zealand Tomorrow. The match will be starting at 4 am in according to Bangladeshi time and at 11 am according to New Zealand time.