Can Bangladesh escape from white wash??

Bangladesh cricket team is passing one of their worst moments in international cricket nowadays. They are trying over and over again to escape from this barrier, but they couldn’t figure it out yet. After losing the series against England in their home, they lost it once again in New Zealand against Black Caps.
Players are not going on the right way to find the success. When bowlers are doing well, then batsmen are doing the wrong things and when batsmen are doing well on that time bowlers are failing to show their best performance. This situation is helping people to remember about Bangladesh cricket’s history of failure.
In New Zealand series it was so much tough to prove themselves that they can also win against oversea’s team on their land. But team Tigers are failing continuously to give something unique to people . from 2015 to 2016 Bangladesh won back to back six series in their country. They are playing in outside of Bangladesh after a long time. During this time Bangladesh showed the world that they are also going to dominate the cricket some day.
How Bangladesh is playing nowadays, it can make a chance for the people those who always criticize about Bangladesh’s success. Bangladesh already lost the series against New Zealand not only this but also they lost all matches without getting any chance of competition.
In the last match, Bangladesh was able to restrict New Zealand from scoring a lot, but again batsmen were making the same mistake as they did in the last game. Entire Bangladesh was hoping to watch a great comeback of Bangladesh cricket team, but things were going wrong with Bangladesh.
Tomorrow they will be playing their last match against Black Caps. If Bangladesh wants to escape the white wash, then they will have to win the match. In Saxton, Oval the last match will be starting at 10 am according to New Zealand’s local time and at 4 am according to Bangladesh local time.