Mahmudullah’s knock goes in vain

For a long time, Mahmudullah Riad is playing a crucial role in the middle order of Bangladesh cricket team. As a senior campaigner, Mahmudullah gave a lot of things to Bangladesh cricket. When the team is in danger at that moment, Mahmudullah takes all responsibility most of the times. Though he is a recognized off spin bowler nowadays he is playing his role as a dependable batsman.

Last year Mahmudullah played the most important role in the word cup. In New Zealand and Australia he showed his capability to play a critical role, but in this tour and series, he was having the worst time of his career. But in the last match, he got his performance back and played most valuable innings for his team.

Only for Mahmudullah Riad, Bangladesh got a respectable total score to fight against Black Caps. Unfortunately, Bangladesh did the same thing like ODI matches. They gave away the game to New Zealand. As a team, Bangladesh got nothing from that match without great innings of Mahmudullah and the best spell of Mustafizur Rahman.

Once again top order batsmen were failed to perform well. The captain of Bangladesh cricket team said that they were at least 20 to 30 runs short to make a perfect total to win against New Zealand. Though Bangladesh wasn’t able to make a high score they came back strongly by the young kid Mustafizur Rahman. Two main chances of catch were missed by Soumya Sarkar and Imrul Kayes, and that was the main turning point for the Black Caps to come back strongly and win the match.

In the field, Soumya Sarkar’s performance is so much unbearable that it can not express.  In 1st t20 match, Soumya played only one ball and got out while playing that ball. At the time fielding Soumya is unable to give the right thing to Bangladesh at the right moment.

He missed the catch of Kane Williamson who made the Black Caps winner. He could have been out easily and at the same time that could have been the main turning point of Bangladesh. By the end of the day, Mahmudullah’s great innings and Mustafizur’s best spell went in vain because of Bangladesh’s loss. Black Caps defeated Bangladesh by six wickets. Can Bangladesh stay in the series after this performance? It is the main question now. All will have to wait for the next match to get the answer.