Black Caps are remaining unbeaten

In the 2nd t20 match, New Zealand scored nearby 200 runs and in this last t20 match as well. But the main different is, in that game, Kolin Munro got the century, and in the last match, no one got it. Kolin Munro stayed in the crease only for three balls. But Black Caps batsmen showed a great sign of responsibility. Bangladesh lost the series on the 2nd t20 match, but there was a hope alive that Bangladesh can win at least one match.

Bangladesh cricket team is breaking All hopes and dreams of millions of cricket fans of Bangladesh again and again. In the 2nd t20 match Bangladesh was defeated by 47 runs, but in the last match, Bangladesh is beaten by 27 runs. 20 runs shorter than 2nd t20! But it is not anything to be satisfied.

In the 2nd t20, the skipper of Bangladesh cricket team won the toss and sent Black Caps to start the match with the bat. In the last match of today, captain did the same thing, and as always Black Caps batsmen made the scoreboard out of reach. How long will this sort of things be happening with Bangladesh? Aren’t they learning from their mistakes yet? Black Caps are defeating Bangladeshi Tigers over and over again.

Bangladesh lost six matches consecutively, but still, they are doing the same kind of mistakes. Run chasing is always a big challenge for Bangladesh and if that is an enormous amount of runs, then it becomes almost impossible for Bangladesh. After knowing all these things why skipper took that risk, this is the main point to make people disappointing.

In the 2nd t20 match, Munro was the leading man to make the target too high, and in the last match, Correy Anderson made the main difference. He scored 94 runs from only 41 balls. After losing three wickets before crossing 41 runs. Nobody thought that New Zealand would be able to pass 160 today, but Anderson made that happen made his team winner.

He sent the ball over the boundary for ten times. Soumya Sarkar gave three sixes in a row after that skipper didn’t give him the ball. A few days later test series will be starting. Bangladeshi boys will have to prepare themselves very well to create a competition against Black Caps.