How good Kohli will be as an ODI captain of India?

The chief of Indian cricket board Anurag Thakur lost his job and Supreme Court of India suspended him by giving a order to Indian cricket board . So Indian cricket is undergoing a lot of changes. Recently Mahendra Singh Dhoni also resigned from captaincy. Is it will be a significant issue for Indian cricket team? It was the main question of Indian cricket fans. But when Indian cricket board decided to select Virat Kohli as Indian ODI captain then fans became so much happy because recently Virat Kohli showed his ability to the world that how much capable he is to play as a leader.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s decision made his fans upset but after BCCI’s decision to select Virat as captain made that settle down for a bit. Dhoni is considered as one of the greatest Captain of all time. His decision will not effect in the match for sure because he will also stay on the field. Some cricket specialists appreciated his decision.

Later or sooner Dhoni will have to retire, so from that point of view, Dhoni will be playing a role to show the perfect way to play as a captain to Virat Kohli. Kohli will get a lot of chances to learn a lot from Dhoni in the field. And it will be so much helpful to Virat Kohli.

Virat was a well-deserved candidate to be selected as a captain for all limited over cricket edition. Recently India became the best team in the world for test cricket. Right now India is holding the number one position in the Test ranking. As a captain of the Test edition, Virat Kohli contributed a lot, and he is having his best time of his entire cricket career as a leader. Responsibility to play as a leader is a huge thing. Virat Kohli is maintaining that very well. Responsibility will be increasing day by day, only for that reason, Virat Kohli was the perfect option to BCCI.