Arafat Sunny might be banned forever by BCB

Things are not going well with Arafat Sunny. He is passing an awful time nowadays. After coming back from bowling action, he was trying to get him back once again. But in the BPL 2016, he again got the same problem. But this time problem is different. Recently he is arrested because of uploading an offensive photo of his girlfriend in social media. He opened up a fake Facebook account and posted an offensive photo on that account.

He knocked his girlfriend and showed her those pictures. And that girl was also threatened by Arafat Sunny not to tell anyone about their relationship. That was his main mistake. That girl put a case against Arafat in the court and only for that reason court ordered police to arrest Arafat Sunny. Arafat broke ICT law of Bangladesh. Now Arafat Sunny is the hottest topic of Bangladesh cricket and media also. That girl also said that Arafat Sunny married her but he his not interested in giving her social recognition.

He refused that girl for several times while speaking about his rights. Arafat Sunny is already a married guy, but how did he do this kind of cheating with his another wife, this is the main issue to that girl. He got arrested from his house in Amin Bazar, Dhaka. Police got the permission to take Arafat for a single day remand.

Police appealed to get 7-day remand against Arafat Sunny, but the court refused that and gave permission for only a single day. Bangladesh Cricket Board is going to take a hard decision against Arafat Sunny. If he becomes guilty and if there has any evidence against him then he will be banned from Bangladesh Cricket forever.

Nowadays Bangladesh cricket is rising pretty quickly. And in the meantime players are letting their country down by doing this kind of crime. Recently few Bangladeshi players also did the same things. In the BPL 2016, Sabbir Rahman and Alamin Hossain were fined a huge amount of money because of breaking the discipline and their off-field occurrence. That was all about inviting the female guest in the hotel room during ongoing BPL tournament.

That was a record fine of Bangladesh cricket history on two biggest superstars of international cricket. Players of Bangladesh cricket team doesn’t learn from their mistakes, and only, for this reason, this kind of thing are happening over and over again. But this time BCB is going to take a perfect step against this kind of severe off-field occurrence. To stop breaching this sort of discipline they need to do this every time.