In order to go ahead, Pakistan should follow Bangladesh cricket

When Bangladesh cricket team is going forward at the same time Pakistan cricket is finding their golden times once again. Recently Pakistan cricket team is being roasted by all because of their recent performance. All cricketers are doing the similar kind of mistake, and for that reason, Pakistan team is getting the same consequences over and over again.

Every single time they are disappointing their fans and creating bad impressions. A few days ago Pakistan cricket team lost the series against New Zealand. But there had some expectations to play well against Australia. But they also lost both Test and one-day series against the host country. On the other hand, Bangladesh cricket team is going ahead slowly to their achieve their goal.

Those days are not so far when Bangladesh cricket team will reach their destination. They passed a long way, and now they are getting success. Cricket experts of Pakistan cricket team are now suggesting their team members for following Bangladesh cricket team. Recently a seminar was arranged based on Pakistan cricket, and Imran Khan was there. 1992 Worldcup winner Pakistani captain directly asked PCB chairman if Pakistan cricket is going to be destroyed or not.

He was just expressing his sad feeling in his every speech. From Imran’s point of view, if these sort of things are kept happening with Pakistan cricket then one day their team will be destroyed. On that seminar, he showed an example of Bangladeshi players that how they are playing for their country taking their country at the high level.

He also added that if their team keep playing like this in future also then they will never get any direct chance to play in the Worldcup. Imran gave some suggestions to the government of Pakistan also. He said Pakistan cricket’s responsibility should be handed over to a very talented person who can maintain everything with patriotism. A few days ago Pakistan got the highest honor of test cricket. But they lost that very quickly because of their poor performance.