O’Keffe and Nathan Lyon showed the reality to Indian cricket team

In the fourth innings, Australia gave a huge target to India. Win after chasing 418 runs in the second innings is the world record in Test history. And Australia gave a target of 441 runs, which was almost impossible in the Test cricket. But when the opponent team is India then nothing was impossible. Maybe this kind of things was being thought by all Indian cricket fans. But the reality was different. In the very first innings, Australian spin bowlers showed their capability and forced Indian batsmen to go to the pavilion.

Every time batsmen were getting trouble to play against Australian spin bowlers, and thus helped Aussie team to packed up Indian batting line up too early. No one ever thought about it that anything could happen like this. In the last couple of years, India was unbeaten in the test format in their homeland against any opponent. Australia broke that record and sent a simple message to the Indian team to trust in the reality.

India always makes a different crease to play against any country in their homeland. Indian curators were not exceptional this time as well. They were thinking to frighten Australian batsmen by their spin attack. But this time Australian bowlers O’Keffe and Nathan Lyon didn’t let that happen. They took all facilities of India’s spin wicket and took 17 wickets in the both Innings, and that made India lose.

It was just like a backfire to the Indian team. Indian players thought something and happened something else. In the lunch break, Sunil Gavaskar was saying his opinion in Star Sports. He said if India can score at least 300 or 350 runs that will be a great achievement.

But Australian legend Shane Warn said only one thing to Gavaskar, and that was “Best of luck, Sunny ! “. The spin bowling legend Shane Warn indicated him very well that Indian team can’t do that anymore in the 2nd innings. And this how Aussie players showed the reality to Indian players. It was such a nightmare for Indian players and fans as well. If Virat Kohli wants to win the 2nd test match, then he will have to think something different this time for sure.