Unstoppable India gets the series victory against England

India wins the test series against England. Once again, it’s the time to celebrate the victory. This celebration can be so much enjoyable because England lost the 4th test match by an innings and the were also 36 runs behind from getting the lead.

England Team also lost by 36 runs as well. This victory of India is proving the reason why they are the number one test playing country in the world ranking. All the bowlers and batsmen were so much passionate, and the got the result. Virat Kohli’s double century, Murali Vijay and Jayant Yadav’s Century pushed England out of the match.

In a test cricket, 4 Centuries in one match are so much rear to watch. But Indian batsmen showed it and gave a reminder to team Australia. After team England’s tour of India, Australia will come to play against India. How much difficult that can be India just proved it in this match. All the team out of subcontinent will have to play against Indian spinning specialist.

Once again Ravi Chandran Ashwin showed his spinning power and finished the batting lineup of England. Only Ashwin made the distance. He took 12 wickets of England in both innings. That was the most crucial thing for England to lose the match and series both. England couldn’t even show any domination in this test match.

From the very beginning of the day 4, English batsmen were facing a lot of problems to paly against the spinning attack of India. On that time captain applied the tricks and he became successful. His main key to success was Ravi Chandran Ashwin. Kohli Used his power in the right moment of the match, and that trick made India winner.Kohli and his team’s victory lap was on of the most memorable moments of Indian cricket history.