Bangladesh cricket team is in New Zealand now

Bangladesh cricket team arrived safely today in New Zealand. After having a long conditioning camp finally, they are in New Zealand now. Bangladesh cricket team will be playing in New Zealand from 26 of December. They will start their mission by playing a one-day match against Black Caps. All players of Bangladesh team gained a lot of confidence from their conditioning camp.

The first day against New Zealand they will try their best to use their spirit to win the match. Something excellent will be waiting for Bangladesh, and that is, a jump in the ODI ranking. If Bangladesh can win the series ob can win at least two matches, they will get a great chance to stay in the number six position in the ODI ranking. This time is really for Bangladesh. They will never get a chance like this.

If Bangladeshi players stay in form or play well as they are trained to perform, then they will go up for sure. It will be so much tough for Bangladesh to win the series against New Zealand on their ground with a new weather condition, on there the conditioning camp will be helping for sure.Bangladesh has some excellent record to play outside of the subcontinent. On the other hand, New Zealand players are getting ready to get their confidence once again.

Recently they lost against Australia with a vast distance, which will keep them hungry to get a victory against Bangladesh. New Zealand cricket is going under a lot of lackings of confidence. So they will be trying their best to get back the track once again. After playing their last series against Australia they got a lot of time to refresh themselves, so in this point of view, they will be so much tough to be beaten by Bangladesh.

Recently some newspaper published news that some big players will not play against Bangladesh and they can play with their new debutant players. But New Zealand board is taking it as a rumor, and they announced their full strong team squad as they played against Australia. Including Kane Williamson, all big and star players will stay in New Zealand team, and they will play against Bangladesh also.  As a host, New Zealand is always a tough opponent for other teams. It will be a crucial series for Bangladesh to prove their ability.