PCB is going to take action against BCCI

Pakistan Cricket Board is going take a legal action against BCCI (Board of Cricket Control India). Pakistani cricket control board has announced this recently. Pakistan government is also showing the green signal to take this action against BCCI, and they are also encouraging PCB to go ahead.
The combat between India and Pakistan is now moving rapidly in cricket also. India is not going to play against Pakistan anymore. The government of India made a restriction to play against Pakistan. Only for that reason, PCB is going to have a million dollar loss. Pakistan cricket team is not stable Financially. So this restriction is meaning a lot to them. They have already asked ICC to know whether India is playing or not.
But there has no answer about it to the International Cricket Council. If India does not play against Pakistan, then it will be a significant financial loss for ICC too because the series between India vs. Pakistan is the most popular series among the cricket fans all over the world. So it is a great source of money to ICC.
Pakistan Cricket Board will be asking for a recovery of their financial loss to ICC. They are also asking for a written statement to Indian cricket control board. It is quite sure by now that India will never be playing against Pakistan before any world tournament. That means Pakistan will never get a chance to arrange any series to play with India.
Cricket fans are so much shocked after hearing this news. Political issues are creating a huge barrier between India and Pakistan. But the real fans of cricket will never be expecting to have this kind matters in cricket. Cricket is one of the most popular games and the source of entertainment to all over the world so any political issue should not hamper it.